Sarahs Last Wish 





Sarah Westley was a brave 13 year old girl...a victim of forced medicine.



Her true story is shocking - her courage is inspiring.


She made a final wish - one she wanted the world to hear.


Find out why...




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                                                                                                 Here's what Sarah's story is about... 


Sarahs Last Wish Book 

Mark Westley and his wife, Dianne raised their six children on a charming country property. The Westleys were a typical, close-knit family who enjoyed happy, healthy lives - until the day eleven-year-old Sarah was struck down by a severe mystery illness. Sarah’s parents rushed her to several small country hospitals in search of help. Yet before adequate tests had been performed, doctors announced that Sarah was pregnant - an outrageous misdiagnosis that triggered a devastating chain of events for the family. It was only when Sarah was finally transferred to a large teaching hospital that doctors discovered the true diagnosis: a rare condition they had never seen before…and wanted to study.


When Mark and Dianne asked the usual questions about their daughter’s treatment, doctors stonewalled them. Unable to penetrate the strange medical secrecy surrounding Sarah’s case, her parents set out on their own to find the best treatment available for their daughter. However, two of Sarah’s doctors had other ideas, and summoned the help of a government department with police powers to force their will on the young girl. The unsuspecting family suddenly found themselves up against a powerful industry and an utterly ruthless state system. Nothing could have prepared them for the horrors they would have to face…


A chilling glimpse into the dark side of health care.


The true story of a brave young girl claiming her right to live and die with dignity. 

...and a few heroic health professionals who put everything on the line to help her.



Her last wish is already changing the system…


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After Eve Hillary's 9 year effort to raise awareness of
   Forced Medicine, the issue has finally hit the main stream media.

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This website is dedicated to Sarah Westley and all other victims of forced medicine around the world.


Forced Medicine Definition: The use of coercion, physical power or violence to administer a medical treatment or procedure. This may involve physical or chemical restraint or confinement.


Our mission is to inform the public, health and legal professionals and policy makers about the alarming rise in this practice - in order to prevent its further use.


We seek to re-establish informed consent before all medical procedures.


Everyone has the right to health and wellness information and the right to chose the best medical options suited to their individual needs.



In this mission we are carrying forward Sarah's Wish



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Learn how Sarah's Wish is Making a Difference

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Check out Eve' New Release here

Beyond the Toxic Harvest




Latest Articles 

CODEX Update Scott Tips JD

Forced Medicine





Check out Eve' New Release here

Beyond the Toxic Harvest